I'd like to share my pet cat Lucy's story about her illness. Lucy's story is extraordinary. She is only 3 1/2 years old. She contracted a fungal disease called Cryptococcus.  We used to let her go outside in the backyard, supervised only, and we think she contracted her fungal disease from being outside where there is bird poop. Humans and animals can contract Cryptococcus from bird poop or rotting fruit, but it is not contagious. Since her diagnosis, we do not let her outside anymore. She was diagnosed in December of 2018. At that time, she could barely breathe. Her titer results were like 1-1500. We almost made a decision to euthanize her, and we had an appointment to do just that. But I slept on it, and she gave us a sign that we should keep her around. We were at the vet's office for 5 hours after her dianosis thinking about what to do and making a plan. I immediately got on Go-Fund Me and started a profile while I was at the vets office. I applied for care credit and was accepted. So she went into surgery to get a feeding tube put in her belly so she would eat while she got her treatments of Abelcet. I fed her 5 times a day through a tube and each time took an hour to get all the food in. We gave her pills and nebulizer treatments at home twice a day. Once a week we took her to the vet to get her Abelcet treatments. We did that for probably 6 months I’m guessing, then we started having trouble affording her treatments every week so we slowly went down to every other week, then three times a month, then once a month. She was improving and in April of 2020 and $15,000 later, her results are down to 1-256. She is almost cured! But then for the first time since we started her meds, her titer results went up slightly. The vet recommends us going in every other week again and we just can’t afford that right now. If we had the money each week for her treatments I have no doubt that she’d be cured by now. We just need to be more aggressive with her treatments and I know it will go away. So I am writing in hopes to get any sort of support you can to help. I am reaching out to everyone I know, and other organizations as well. Lucy is better than ever, and I'm predicting that if we can get her treated every two weeks for a few more months that she will be cured. She is so much better, and you’d never know she was sick if you saw her now. By purchasing anything from my website here, you are helping keep Lucy healthy and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts!