Welcome Friends

I love creating art to adorn your homes and bodies. It's always been very important to me to have a special identity. I like to make one of a kind pieces so that my art feels more unique and never boring. Ever since I was a youngster I have been making jewelry and art for people and I am finally in a space where I have the room to make beautiful things for everyone. I am a Jill of all trades, and love to explore new ideas and designs. If you have any ideas that you would like me to create for you of any kind, please reach out to me and I will see what I can do for you! Some of the things I can do for you are:

  1. Sew
  2. Draw/Paint
  3. Window Displays
  4. Shadow Boxes
  5. Jewelry Making Including Fabricating and Casting
  6. Decorate a House, Room, Party
  7. Sign Painting

8. Lampshade Rejuvination

A Little Background About Me 

I grew up in Los Angeles, California in the San Fernando Valley. I've always been interested in art and anything having to do with design and creating. I once wanted to be a graphic designer because I love designing fonts and making signs and logos. When I was in junior high school I did everything by hand. This was before computers were used in art applications. Computers terrified me. I never learned how to use one in order to create art. I did all of my art by hand. And that to me was the meaning of true art. I wasn't taught that art is supposed to be created on a computer. A computer was not a tool for an artist back in my younger years. So I changed my mind about being a graphic designer and started making jewelry. I was mostly beading at that time, and as I got older I learned how to use precious metals. I started fabricating and casting and started a small business called Twilight Jewels. 

Before Twilight Jewels flourished though, I also thought of being an architect. I went to school and studied architecture, design, and metalsmithing. I've been to nine different colleges now but I never got a degree because I wasn't taking any general education classes at that time.  Then I changed my mind again and wanted to become a home stager. I also wanted to be a costume designer, start my own clothing line, do set design, and also wanted to be a make-up artist at one time too! Then I wanted to be a visual display artist doing boutique store windows, or an interior designer. I've thought of being a party planner and or decorator, a sign painter, a baker, and even a therapist or counselor of some sort. 

In 2014 I got sober from alcohol and drugs. Then my life started getting more productive. Ever since 2015, I went back to school and this time I was seriously committing to something. ANYTHING! I did some reasearch and landed on visual merchandising, or window dresser as it was previously called. I started attending Los Angeles Trade Technical College in downtown L.A. I've also been a server at Ruby's Diner for almost 20 years now! So I was planning on getting a certificate in fashion merchandising so I could change careers to become a window dresser in under two years. I spoke to a counselor at school and she convinced me to get an AA degree instead. A short time later I decided to get a Bachelor's degree in art or design of some sort. I currently have plans to get an AA degree in studio arts, and in the Fall of 2021, transfer to CSULB to get a BFA in interior design. So that is the most current plan. 

Right now I am attending Long Beach City College, working on my potfolio to hopefully get into CSULB next year. In the meantime, I decided to stop serving tables in the restaurant industry due to the Pandemic of Covid-19. I am now trying to make and sell face masks and any kind of art project I can think of to make ends meet while I study hard. I am also housekeeping as well.

A Final Note

Thank you for helping support a starving artist. I cannot wait to start making a living out of my passion in life!