Window Displays

Lucy is doing better, but we still need to get her cured. She's so close!

Me tube feeding Lucy as part of her treatment plan to get better.

Poor Lucy could barely breathe a year and a half ago. She has Cryptococcus.

Dia De Los Muertos window display at Songbird in Long Beach in 2015.

I made this dress for a Halloween costume and added it to my display. I hung these black and white lace curtains also, from bamboo rods I found.

This part of the display was shown inside the store.

I created an altar for the display. Jennifer, the owner of this boutique, Songbird in Long Beach had a beloved dog named Otis who passed away. I secretly asked her husband for the dog's collar and other things like dog treats to add into a shadowbox that I made for the altar. I unveiled the surprise to her, and it brought tears to her eyes.

I made the Marigold's out of tissue paper.

This mask was created by another artist who was selling her masks in the shop.

I hand-strung 250 feather butterflies from the ceiling using fishing wire.

Thank you, Jennifer, for allowing me to do my first window display at Songbird on 4th Street in Long Beach in 2013.

Night shot.

I painted her lipstick in the shape of a heart.

I added cherry blossoms in the window to add depth and hang some jewelry from.

Cool shot of the origami.

Here's a shot of the birds taking off with some merchandise, and also grabbing the mannequin's hair.

Here's a screen I made out of foamboard and red vellum. I had a birdcage behind the screen and used lighting to create a shadow behind it.

I also made the barrettes in her hair.

I painted the mannequin's face with white foundation and made the wig out of paper mache and yarn.

I made a bunch of origami birds to be trying to take off with the jewelry in the display.

Geisha and the Birds window display at Songbird Boutique. This was my very first window display.

What fun we had putting up this display! Thank you, Diane Murphy, at LATTC for allowing me to do this for the Spring Boutique in 2017!

We hung the heart up from the ceiling with chain. It's made of roofing insulation!

50-foot window display!

Zombie mannequins with credit cards.

It was tricky to get these gift-wrapped boxes to stay in her arms, but we did it!

Brian being silly behind the scenes, playing with the mannequins.

I taped Christmas lights to the back of the city-scape and added vellum for a warm glow effect.

Shop Till you Drop window display city-scape made out of roofing insulation!

Behind the scenes shot of me installing my creation of the window display for the spring boutique at LATTC in 2017.

A lot of shopping going on here in the window display at LATTC for the spring boutique in "The Fishbowl."

Great shot by Nino Ordaz, of Nino Ordaz Photography. Here is a part of my window display of a cityscape made of roofing insulation!

Mrs. Murphy and I hung a bunch of presents from the ceiling in "The Fishbowl" in the fashion department at LATTC in downtown L.A

The photographer, Nino Ordaz, captures a great shot here where you can see Jill the mannequin's eye through the presents she's holding.

Shop Till you Drop Window Display at LATTC. I wrapped 50 fake presents for this display.

50 Foot window display I designed, created and installed at Los Angeles Trade-Tech College in 2017.

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